What’s found its way into your golf bag during the Autumn, other than mud covered clubs? As we move through the seasons to the winter months, I like to reassess all those things I’ve stuffed in all those huge pockets that the modern golf bag provides. Here are some things I like to include when playing those colder and wetter weather golf rounds.

Wet weather/all-weather glove
I play with an all-weather glove all year round. It’s amazing how much grip you can lose when a standard glove gets worn, damp or wet. If you haven’t tried one, give it a go.

A handy cloth
With preferred lies and wetter greens, it is such a bonus to be able to clean your ball properly and particularly now that those ball cleaning machines are out of use due to COVID precautions.

When it’s cold, I find that all those small aches and pains can get magnified. To be clear, I’m clearly not promoting the inappropriate use of analgesics, but for my less than youthful body, on occasion, they can help me enjoy the exercise while avoiding a painful back nine when those well-worn knees and back start grumbling.

A good waterproof jacket
It has to be waterproof but breathable, so that it’s not sweaty and warm – but even more importantly for me, it needs to be a good fit: not too tight and not too loose. These are hard to find without spending a fortune, but worth looking out for.

I find a couple of thin under layers work much better in keeping me warm than something thick. A thin turtleneck is a life-saver on a cold day. I even have warm thermals under my trousers when it’s icy. A lady friend of mine swears by a thick pair of tights. Worth a try.

A hot drink
A small flask of hot tea, coffee or chocolate can warm those parts that clothing alone can’t reach – from the inside. Find a brew that works for you. An occasional warming beverage provides me with some welcome central heating and keeps me going on a chilly day.

A good hat
With most heat being lost through our heads, a good hat is essential. Because I wear glasses, I need to stop raindrops falling on my lenses. A bucket hat works for me, and it’s waterproof.

Putting on a mitten glove whilst your pushing your trolley down the fairway on a cold windy day is a must for me. Any reasonable mitts will do; they don’t have be a costly golf-branded pair.

Not often in the golf bag, but there is nothing better than a bowl of hot soup with a crusty bread roll whilst chatting to your socially distanced friends in the clubhouse after your winter round.

Play well, keep warm


We’d love to hear your winterising tips. Send them to contribute@puttbandit.com and we’ll add some of them to our monthly newsletter.  Neil is a director of PuttBANDIT Ltd, and co-inventor of the PuttBANDIT ball marker. Neil currently plays off a handicap index of 16.1.