We think so. But what about hundreds of real customers up and down the country? Is the PuttBANDIT improving their putting too? We’ve done some research to find out.

August 2021 customer research

We conducted our first customer feedback survey in the last week of August 2021, enlisting one of the best consumer market research consultants in the country to help us get insightful and actionable responses. This is what we learned:

Ease of use

When we designed the PuttBANDIT, we wanted to make sure that the product was easy to use and the operating instructions were clear and concise. Happily, our customers agreed – 96% of customers said the PuttBANDIT was easy to use.

Is the PuttBANDIT helping?

We were also keen to know which aspects of putting the PuttBANDIT improves most. Here’s what our customers said:

  • 89% said it helps with choosing their putting line
  • 81% said it helps their putting confidence
  • 67% said it helps single putt more often

Impact on scores

All this feedback was very promising, but what impact does the PuttBANDIT have on scoring?

We purchase golf gear because we want to improve, play better, drive longer, hit closer, single putt and shoot lower scores. Innovative golf gear helps us achieve that. But it’s hard to find data on whether that £499 driver or £349 putter has delivered gains for ‘golfers like us’. We didn’t want that to happen with PuttBANDIT.

Less putts – lower handicaps

We had to ask the crunch question: “Has the PuttBANDIT helped lower the number of putts you take during a round of golf?”

  • 85% who knew answered ‘Yes’ citing an average of 3.9 putts saved during a round.
  • Of those respondents, their handicap index has dropped by an average of 1.1 points during an average of 6 weeks since using their PuttBANDIT.

Good enough to recommend?

But would customers be confident enough in the product to recommend the PuttBANDIT to other golfers who might want to improve their putting? 89% said they would recommend the PuttBANDIT to other golfers.


We will continue to keep listening and learning so we can help more customers improve their putting through better design, new innovations and insightful information. While we are delighted with this feedback, we will continue to do more research and ask questions so when our products improve our customers can improve too.

Putt better and play well

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Paul and Neil Hart are co-founders of PuttBANDIT Ltd, co-inventors of the PuttBANDIT Ball Marker and enthusiastic golf improvers.

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