Why on earth do we keep playing this game? I asked myself that question a lot during a very poor round of golf last week. Let’s just say my score was just short of a total that gets the crowd on its feet at a cricket match but less so in golf, unless it’s to go to the beer tent.

A glimmer of genius

It was freezing cold, wet and muddy. Rain and hail were coming out of the blue sky, sideways, in the fierce chilling wind. My back was starting to hurt, and I wasn’t playing well. And then I hit a great drive. The swing felt good, hips starting the turn creating a perfect connection and the ball launched into the distance with a slight fade – totally intended. It went a mile (230 yards) before plugging in the soggy turf. I’ll take it. A wind-assisted glimmer of latent skill and long overdue.

For better, for worse

I’m sure most of us keen golfers have our ups and downs in our relationship with golf. But even after terrible days, disappointments, and even the occasional raised voice of anger or frustration, we keep coming back. I think I know why.

As good as the pros – just not as often

Golf is one of the few sports, perhaps, tennis and cricket included, when players of all ages and abilities, now and then, can do something amazing, just like those elite professionals do on the TV.  We just don’t manage to do these amazing shots as often as they do. But we can do them, and when we do, it’s an amazing feeling of achievement.

One shot is all it takes.

We can hit a fantastic drive way down the middle. An approach fairway metal or long iron that lands a few feet from the hole. We chip in from off the green or bunker. Perhaps we sink a tricky long putt. And a hole in one is always a possibility. All of a sudden we hit a ball with a result just like our golfing heroes. For a brief moment in time we are just as good as we dreamed we would be.  Even the crowds are on their feet, cheering from the galleries around the green. Well, they are in my head.

That’s why I love golf and keep going back to hit that amazing shot again – hopefully a lot more often than last week.

Love your golf

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Paul Hart is a founding director of PuttBANDIT Ltd, co-inventor of the PuttBANDIT ball marker and loves golf – when he’s playing well.

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