Clear line of sight

The ability of the eye to distinguish shapes and the details of objects at distance (visual acuity) is a critical factor that enables the PuttBANDIT marker to target a putting line direction or aiming point from a distance. Colour contrast, the relative difference in brightness between a background colour and white stripes, is so important to see things clearly. That’s why most road signs tend to use white text on red, blue, green backgrounds or black text on white. That high contrast works for PuttBANDIT too.

From dayglow to no-no

Back in the early days of PuttBANDIT, we experimented with multiple colour prototypes on golf greens in all weathers and times of day. We tried dayglow orange, pinks, greens, reds, and blues of variable lightness and colour saturation. In the end, it all came down to colour contrast, personal preference, and the way we see different colours in different lighting situations.


We like greens

You would have thought that dayglow colours would stand out. And they do – but they’re a little too bright. A colour’s luminance can reduce the acuity of the white lines. So, after much research and testing, we decided to use green and white stripes for our first models. Green provided the optimal balance between colour contrast for alignment, favourite colour and user acceptance. Green is a classic colour and golf has lots of it.

Colour fashion

While customers really liked the green, we wanted to know how we could improve and help more golfers target and adjust their line better. And with golf equipment manufacturers bringing colour variations to their clubs and balls, we surveyed the market and asked our customers about their colour preferences. We learned that PuttBANDIT users and their friends wanted more colour choices, with red and blue in demand and black providing the maximum white stripe contrast for line targeting.


Team colours

Sports teams were definitely influencing the favourite colours of many customers. In the Glasgow area, Celtic fans loved our classic green and white stripes, but Rangers supporters favoured blue. No surprises. In the northeast, black and white stripes were in demand and red and blue were top picks across the UK. This was great feedback so we started planning more colour choices.

Colour contrast

Saturated reds, blues, and dark black shades provide increasing levels of colour contrast against the white stripes of the PuttBANDIT body and green turf. We tested multiple colour shades in different daylight conditions and built PuttBANDIT markers in three new colours, which are now available in the PuttBANDIT shop on our new website.

Whatever your favourite colour, we hope there’s a PuttBANDIT ball marker that helps you see and adjust your target line better than ever, whatever the weather and lighting conditions.

Putt well

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Paul Hart is a co-inventor of the PuttBANDIT ball marker, a keen golfer and his favourite colour is blue (and red, black and green).

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