Asking for customer feedback on our products can be a bit scary. When the PuttBANDIT has been your passion for the past 2 years, it’s even more nerve-racking. Opening an exam results envelope has nothing on seeing customer research for the first time.

Our customer surveys have achieved a 21% response rate over the past 12 months. We published customer comments in our last blog, and here are the key data findings from last month’s survey.


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Customer profile

This year we have seen responses from customers under the age of 44 grow by a factor of 3. This trend is in line with participation research from the R&A published in May 2021 showing the average age of new golfers dropped from 46 to 41. 

Customer handicaps range from 28 to 4.3 with the average of 14.5. That compares to an average of 17.1 for men and 27.2 for women as recently reported by England Golf.

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Golf balls

We wanted to know which type of ball customers used with their PuttBANDIT marker. 98% of respondents used some form of alignment marking on their ball. Not that surprising, as the PuttBANDIT is designed to line up a ball to the target.

Interestingly, 22% used a ball designed specifically for alignment with Callaway’s Triple Track coming out on top followed by Taylormade Stripe. The DIY line was the most popular, 41% drawing their own line on the ball of their choice.  

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Performance impact

PuttBANDIT markers are designed to help customers take fewer putts by accurately lining up the ball. But it also delivers other valuable benefits and outcomes from physiological to performance impact. 

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Almost two thirds of responders said they had lowered the number of putts taken during a round by an average of almost 4 strokes, 3 strokes being the most common value. The impact on their handicaps was also positive: a drop of 2.5 points on average.

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Making it easy

In the design stages, we wanted to ensure that a PuttBANDIT was quick and easy to for customers to use not just for golfers like us but for those who might struggle to bend down or prefer a higher viewing angle.  

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Value for money (VFM)

Value for money can be subjective and variable depending on the depth of your pockets or the desire to improve your golf. What’s the value of taking fewer putts? The price of a new putter or maybe lessons from a putting coach. We wanted to know how our customers rated the PuttBANDIT’s VFM.

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Overall satisfaction

Every business wants to satisfy its customers, but it’s hard to satisfy most customers most of the time. It was great to see that our overall satisfaction rating was 98% and backed up by 84% of responders who had already taken the time to recommend the PuttBANDIT to their fellow golfers.

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Customer feedback is very important to us, and product design requests directly influence our innovation.

Our March 22 release of our very popular colour range came from our August 21 survey. The most recent requests are already modelled in CAD for prototyping. All will be revealed soon.

Thanks again to all our customers for their feedback and support. It’s helping us to help golfers become more confident, consistent, and take less putts. We love that.

Putt well

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Neil and Paul Hart are co-inventors of the PuttBANDIT ball marker and keen amateur golfers.

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