eGift Vouchers provide a unique coupon code by email to the voucher purchaser. The coupon code will be contained in the order confirmation email sent to the purchaser, together with redemption instructions, as a pdf file attachment, for the product voucher purchased.  You can find redemption instructions at the links below

PuttBANDIT Classic eGift Voucher

PuttBANDIT 500 Limited Edition eGift Voucher

The eGift Voucher coupon code gives the voucher redeemer a 100% discount on a single PuttBANDIT Classic ball marker or a single PuttBANDIT 500 Limited Edition Gift Pack, dependent on the voucher purchased. The code also enables free UK  48-hour delivery. The relevant gifted product will be indicated in the coupon code.

Simply print out, wrap and present the eGift Voucher email and instructions to the receiver.

eGift Voucher redemption

To redeem an eGift Voucher code and order your PuttBANDIT product, follow these steps:

1. Visit the shop
2. Choose the product stated on the coupon code and add it to your basket. Do make sure that the product described under your coupon code matches the product in your basket.
3. Enter the unique coupon code and apply it in your basket or at checkout
4. UK 48-hour delivery will be applied to your order automatically
5. Add your details and check out. Don’t worry if you see a £1 balance, your eGift Voucher has it covered. There’s no balance to pay unless you ordered additional products during the same order
6. Place your order
7. You’ll get an order confirmation by email and we will ship your gift to you.

If you experience any issues when redeeming the eGift Voucher, follow the instructions in this related FAQ.

If your coupon code is still not working after following all the instructions and FAQ advice, please get in touch with us a so we can help you further.

eGift Voucher terms and conditions can be found on our Site Terms and Conditions page.


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