What is going on in the world of YouTube golf entertainment? Just when winter stops us playing and we’re confined to our homes to watch golf on YouTube, our favourite golf entertainers, Rick Shiels, Peter Finch and Golf Mates, all decide it’s time to do something else. Say it ain’t so.

Breaking news

First to break the news was Rick Shiels. He took to the YouTube confession box in a video headlined “Time to Quit”. A sense of panic came over me. Was Rick really about to pack it all in?

Not since 2017, when Adele announced she would never tour again, have I felt so surprised and disappointed. I cried for a week. This couldn’t be happening again, could it?

Don’t go breaking my heart

We all know Rick’s had a few struggles of late trying to break 75, but how can the most popular YouTube golf personality on the planet suddenly decide to pack it all in and break the hearts of millions of fans? I just had to watch the video, as did others, 1.1 million times.

I learned the Belfry Brabazon course had not been kind to Rick, but most importantly, he wasn’t quitting the channel we all watch and love. The worldwide collective sigh of relief must have caused a hurricane.


You too, Peter?

Having barely recovered from the shock of Rick’s announcement, his old pal, Peter Finch, announces “It’s Over” to his 515k subscribers. Oh no! Is it happening again?

I watch his heartfelt video and learn that he’s decided not to put himself through the annual torment of pro events and Open qualifiers. Frankly, I decided a while back that I wouldn’t do that either. Smart move. But thank goodness he’s not quitting YouTube.

Time is a healer

Two days passed. I’m feeling OK. I think the worst is over. I’ll watch a bit of the Good Good channel. Those fun-lovin’ American lads play entertaining golf in the sunshine states and always have a great laugh. It’ll cheer me up

Gone Gone

You cannot be serious!  Grant Horvat and Micah Morris are quitting the Good Good channel? No way.  It’s like Robbie Williams leaving Take That all over again but with double the shock. This is devastating news for all 1.2 million viewers.

The reasons for the split are unclear and lawyers prevent me from explaining further, but the Good Good boys are now two men down. Didn’t they just play the JCB course with Rick Shiels? Quitting must be highly contagious.

Now I’m depressed. It’s snowing. Courses are all closed and will be for at least a week till the thaw comes and then another week while they dry out. I need my old mate Liam to make me smile.

Please mate, cheer me up.

The perfect antidote has to be an hour watching Liam Harrison and his Golf Mates play a few holes and exchange banter in sunny Greece. A hot mug of tea and mince pie in hand, I fire up the Golf Mates channel only to see Liam is thinking about quitting too! Surely not?

I do a double take just in case I’ve clicked on the Rick Shiels channel by mistake, if it still exists. But no, Liam has some serious news for 188k subscribers. Eleven minutes later, all has been explained. He’s restructuring his content channels. So NOT quitting after all. I’m starting to detect a pattern.

Quitting = Views

What explains this sudden desire for YouTube golf entertainers to quit? I did a little research and put the terms ‘golf’ and ‘quit’ into the YouTube search bar.

Turns out that using the word “quit” in your YouTube thumbnail and video headline is a popular thing for YouTube golfers.

Whatever the motivations of the YouTube channel managers, there’s one thing that quitting and shocking headlines do achieve – it makes you want to watch the video to get the gossip. I certainly did. But how many times can you say the “quit” word before your loyal subscribers start to hear cries of “wolf”?

Time for a change?

After the past month’s roller coaster ride of emotions, what with the terrible weather, not being able to play golf and then seeing the shocking news that my favourite golf YouTubers are quitting and then they didn’t, I think it’s time for a change.

I Quit

I know this will come as a total surprise, but I’ve decided to quit watching golf on YouTube, for a while. I might post a confessional video on our channel to explain why, or I might relapse and watch some clips of Adele on tour in Vegas. I wonder if she sings “That’s it, I quit, I’m movin’ on”?  I like that one.

Play well and never quit playing golf when you can.

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Paul Hart is a co-inventor of the PuttBANDIT ball marker and enthusiastic golf improver and loves watching Rick, Peter, Liam and the Good Good crew on YouTube. Please dont quit.

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