If golfers like us are unlikely to rebuild a swing to look like Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, or Lydia Ko, how can we be better golfers in 2023?

After exhaustive analysis of my recent woeful golfing performance, I decided better putting was the answer to low scores. If I don’t have the time and athleticism to swing like the pros, I could probably learn to putt like them. But how?

Four skills I need to improve – a lot

To be a better putter, I need to improve four critical fundamentals:

  1. More insightful green reading
  2. Good speed control
  3. Start line targeting accuracy
  4. Putting straight off the face with great roll

If only I knew the secrets of these four skills. Polishing the claret jug and asking three wishes of the golfing genie will still leave me short. A bit like my recent putting.

The secrets to better putting

Are there really putting secrets or do they stay secrets because we lack the time to discover all the published knowledge, instruction and advice? And do any of us have the time to find, watch and read the terabytes of clickbait-titled videos and instant-fix web articles to find the real gems?

Where’s my putting Wikipedia?

If we could easily find out what the top putting coaches teach and how the top players go about their putting, would that be valuable?

What if we had a summary of the techniques and approaches the great putters have in common, would that help?

And if we knew what great putters do that’s unique to their individual styles and works for them on tour, what are the chances we might find a way to improve too?  We’re going to find out.

Better putting research

The PuttBANDIT team are going to research the core aspects of putting from the available free content on the web. We’re going to watch hours of putting instruction videos and read the influential articles, so you don’t have to. Then we’ll filter out the noise and nonsense, list, link and boil down what we learn into a series of blogs and ebooks.

It’s going to be an interesting pre-season research project and a great learning opportunity for everyone who wants to be a better putter, me included.

Putt well

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Paul Hart is a co-inventor of the PuttBANDIT ball marker and enthusiastic golf improver keen to learn the secrets of better putting.

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