Every summer we survey all our customers to learn more about how our PuttBANDIT ball markers are being used, the impact they are having on putting performance, and product improvement suggestions.

First came colours

In the summer of 2021, our customers suggested we should make our PuttBANDIT Classic marker in more colours than just green, so we launched red, blue and black marker options in spring 2022. The colour choice was a hit. Who knew?  I wonder if Henry Ford did a customer survey on the Model T?

PuttBANDIT Classic markers in different colours

Classic love story

It’s clear that customers love their Classic markers. The range of high-contrast colours proved very popular. Customer performance data showed that the ability to target and adjust the putt line, thanks to the anchor pin, helped to improve putting confidence, consistency and 3 putt avoidance. Customers also loved the look and feel of the marker and its weight and stability when adjusting by hand or with a putter head.

PuttBANDIT Classic golf ball marker adjusted by blue mallet putter

Like a Classic but stronger, thinner, and shinier

Our 2022 survey and customer suggestions inspired us to innovate a new slimmer ball marker model – the PuttBANDIT LP – a low profile, marker with the classic PuttBANDIT shape, a quality feel and in five colours. We even added pink to the mix.

PuttBANDIT LP golf ball marker in profile with golf ball

Innovating improvement

We fired up our CAD workstation and modified the Classic design, thinning it down to create a lower profile on the green, slimmer than a pound coin but still highly visible from distance. We slightly shortened and rounded the anchor pin and made the alignment stripes even better.


PuttBANDIT LP golf ball marker profile and golf ball

A casting of thousands

To maintain strength and adjustment stability with a thinner profile, we came up with a new manufacturing process, die casting in metal, electro-plating for a polished smooth adjustment glide, and using oven-baked coloured enamels to help the stripes stand out on the green.


We fell in love with the first prototypes during winter testing, and we hope that customers will love the production models this summer.


The new PuttBANDIT LP model is available from our new shop site at PuttBANDITstore.com together with our ever-popular Classic range.

Putt well




Neil and Paul Hart are co-inventors of the PuttBANDIT ball marker and enthusiastic golf improvers.

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