During April, our team of volunteer product reviewers put the new PuttBANDIT LP golf ball marker to the test.  Our customer review team averaged 10 rounds per reviewer on a range of golf courses across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Bermuda grass greens of a much warmer Dubai.

We asked each reviewer to evaluate a range of product attributes from visibility, ease of targeting and adjustment to product durability and build quality and complete an online questionnaire. Here’s what they said:

“PuttBANDIT LP has definitely helped my alignment and overall putting. Significant improvement.” RF – County Londonderry

“The new PuttBANDIT LP gave me great confidence knowing that I was definitely starting my putts on the right line. I surprised myself with 3 one putts from about 7, 10 and 15 feet. Normally I would expect to have two putted all of these. By using the PuttBANDIT I also avoided three putting. The new PuttBANDIT is a step up from the original. The lines are much cleaner making the positioning more accurate.” GM – Hertfordshire

“Excellent build quality.” GT – Lanarkshire

“The new version had a better feel and quality to the product, I found that it moved much better having the chrome back. It also looked much more refined on the front plate and the red and white stripes really stood out making this much better to line up. Very happy client and recommend this product to all my friends.” VH – West Sussex

“Easy to use and very simple to get the putt starting on the right line.” GT – Lanarkshire

“During my rounds using PuttBANDIT LP, I found it extremely easy to line it up on my line. The features are good, it’s easy to use, and visually makes it so easy to line up. Overall, a very good product and got all my playing partners’ attention. I would have no hesitation to recommend to friends.” JW – Wirral

PuttBANDIT LP golf ball marker review results chart

Customer-led innovation

We also encouraged our review panel to give us product development feedback and suggestions to help improve putting performance. We’re going to keep all the great ideas to ourselves for now, but these customer-led insights will help us design a larger research study with PuttBANDIT LP users during the summer and inform the development of our next product designs for 2024.

PuttBANDIT LP golf ball marker in blue showing anchor pin and baseplate

New product – new store

The new PuttBANDIT LP is currently available on PuttBANDITstore.com with a 20% off multibuy deal and an upgrade offer for those customers who purchased the original PuttBANDIT Classic marker.

Putt well




Neil and Paul Hart are co-inventors of the PuttBANDIT ball marker and enthusiastic golf improvers.

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