The Solheim and Ryder Cups are just days away and we’ve marked these two classic international golfing battles with the launch of a special collection of PuttBANDIT souvenir Team Europe and Team USA markers.

A group of 6 PuttBANDIT LP Flag golf ball markers on a golf green.

Captain’s top six picks

And then we thought, why stop there? So, we’ve added four more national flag markers for performance-minded golfers from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

And with the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying matches under way, you can support your team while sinking more putts.

A group of 4 PuttBANDIT LP Flag markers against a background of draped flags.

New team line up

The full line up of six flag markers are all based on our best-selling PuttBANDIT LP low profile metal body design, featuring high contrast colour enamel alignment stripes, distinctive flag emblem marker heads and our anchor pin for rules-compliant putt line adjustment.

Fly the flag

Whether you support a Ryder or Solheim cup team or want to fly the flag for your home country, take a good look at our PuttBANDIT LP Flag collection in our online store. May your best team win.

Play well

Paul Hart is a co-inventor of the PuttBANDIT ball marker and keen golf improver.

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