It’s rare for golf equipment brands to publish their customer feedback, let alone actual user performance. Do we really hit that new driver 10 yards further and straighter?

We believe it’s important to do customer research and share the results. That’s why, for the past three years, we’ve asked PuttBANDIT customers to tell us what they think about our alignment golf ball markers and let us know how the PuttBANDIT is impacting their putting performance.

Inspiring insights

Every year, these user insights inspire our product innovation and helped us design and manufacture new and improved alignment marker designs including our latest PuttBANDIT LP all-metal, low-profile design. The 2023 results are in, and this is what we’ve learned:

Pie chart showing 67% of users saving putts during a round of golf

Scoring impact

This year, 67% of survey respondents reported taking less putts per round, up from 63% in 2022. Those users reduced their putts per round by an average of 3.8 putts.

Bar chart showing PuttBANDIT user handicap groups

WHS handicap impact

77% of responders reported lowering handicaps by an average of 15% during their PuttBANDIT ownership, thanks in part to using their PuttBANDIT marker. Before using a PuttBANDIT the average handicap of responders was 18.4 which dropped to 15.7 by the time of the survey in October 2023.

Bar chart showing how PuttBANDIT has helped user putting across multiple criteria

Improving putting

Performance feedback shows overall improvement on last year, particularly on the range of putts that make or break a good score. The high confidence and consistency scores indicate a positive contribution to maintaining increased putting performance.

Pie chart showing percentage of PuttBANDIT users with speed control focus

The biggest putting issue

The top putting issue from our recent UK Putting Survey was ‘Leaving putts short’ with 71% of golfers citing speed/distance control issues. We have long believed that high confidence and trust in your chosen putt line helps clear the mind to focus on putt speed. 55% of customers reported that use of their PuttBANDIT marker to target their line helped improve their focus on speed/distance control.

Chart showing 5-star ratings of PuttBANDIT features and benefits

5-star ratings

As well as performance impact, we asked users to rate their PuttBANDIT marker on a range of product attributes on a 5-star scale. This helps us validate our product innovation and rate the design improvements we’ve delivered based on prior customer survey research.

Collage of images showing PuttBANDIT LP alignment ball marker models in multiple colours

Customer-led innovation

In our 2022 survey we learned that customers wanted a smaller, thinner, more robust marker. In March 2023 we responded by releasing our PuttBANDIT LP marker, an all-metal, low-profile design, thinner than a pound coin. It’s now our best-selling alignment marker.

Thank you

Our thanks and appreciation go to all our customers who helped inspire our new marker models, and for all the survey feedback and design suggestions that informs our product development to further improve putting performance.

Keep putting well

Paul Hart is a co-inventor of the PuttBANDIT ball marker and a keen golfer.

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