Last month, PuttBANDIT published the first large scale nationwide survey of the putting issues of UK Golfers. Over 1,200 golfers took part revealing their most frequently experienced putting problems.

The big issues

Our respondents told us that ‘Leaving putts short’ is the biggest issue for 71% of UK golfers with
‘3-putting’ ranked second for 44% of the sample and ‘Missing short putts’ an issue for 31%.

Bar chart showing top 3 issues of UK golfers

Single handicappers

What about those single handicap golfers? Do they have the same issues?  YES they do but not quite in the same order. They leave putts short less frequently, have less ‘Missing short putt’ issues and their third most frequent concern is ‘3-putting’.

Column chart showing percentage of respondents with putting issues by handicap

3-putts – problem or result?

A bit of both. If we leave the first putt short and then miss the next shorter putt, the best result we can achieve is a 3-putt. So, what are those single handicappers doing that makes them better on the greens?

Closer helps but not the only solution

The obvious explanation is that Plus to 9.9 handicap golfers have the skills to get the ball closer to the hole from the par-3 tee, on approach from the fairway, and chipping from just off the green or out of the sand. Shorter first putts increase make percentages.

But getting the ball closer is only one of many ways to reduce putting issues. Our data gave us more insights into how any golfer can reduce their putting problems, regardless of skill.

Which methods reduce issues?

As we’re keen to putt better in 2024 and win some comps, we analysed the data, to see if certain green reading, speed control and alignment methods reduced the frequency of these top putting issues. The results were revealing.

Learn more – putt less

We have summarised what we learned in the following series of blogs – Putt Better in 2024, and you can download the full UK Putting Survey report here.

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