Woman typing into a laptop computer displaying graphic charts

Customer Survey 2023

It’s rare for golf equipment brands to publish their customer feedback, let alone actual user performance. Do we...

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A senior golfer lying on a golf green to judge the slope

UK Putting Survey

Have you ever wondered if your biggest putting issues are the same for all amateur golfers or is it just you? Does...

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Two golf balls with a golf course background.

Unifying Golf

  On June 6th golf made the world news headlines. After two years of open PR warfare between the PGA Tour...

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PuttBANDIT LP golf ball markers in a line with golf balls

PuttBANDIT LP Reviews

  During April, our team of volunteer product reviewers put the new PuttBANDIT LP golf ball marker to the...

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Overhead view of mallet putter and golf ball lined up on a practice green

How to be a better putter

If golfers like us are unlikely to rebuild a swing to look like Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, or Lydia Ko, how can we be...

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Male golfer holding a glass trophy on a golf course

Better golf in 2023

How can you be a better golfer in 2023? I asked myself this question a few weeks ago. My last three winter rounds...

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External view of Topgolf building in Glasgow

A new range of golf tech

The winter weather has not been kind to UK golfers – again. Courses are closed the length of these Isles. So what...

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Six 2023 new season golf drivers

Is a new driver worth it?

Drive for show – putt for dough. Is Bobby Locke’s famous observation on golf really true? And does that explain why...

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A hole in one – almost

Have you ever got a hole in one? A few weeks ago, I came within 2 inches of paying for a very expensive round of...

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PuttBANDIT | Golf Ball Marker | Golfers shaking hands

How to break 36 putts

How many putts per round (PPR) do you take?  Less than 36? And do you record your putting stats? Using a PuttBANDIT...

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PuttBANDIT | Golf Ball Marker | Golden leaves and autumn golfers

Autumn golf pros and cons

There’s no denying that autumn has arrived. There’s a chill in the air, golden leaves are falling in the wind and...

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Golf Ball Marker | PuttBANDIT | PGA Tour Store Palo Alto

Time for a big shop?

Imagine you’re at your local out-of-town retail park. All the usual brands are there selling DIY goods,...

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Golf Ball Marker | PuttBANDIT | Pebble Beach Monterey

Lunch at Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach Golf Links is one of those iconic coastline courses that many keen golfers will recognise without ever...

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PuttBANDIT | Golf ball marker | Golf ball on tee

LIV and let live?

The new and controversial LIV Golf tour teed off this month in London with the second tournament event staring...

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PuttBANDIT | Golf ball marker | Pond and palm trees

On tour in Tenerife

Image: Golf Las AmericasThis month I was lucky enough to compete on tour in Tenerife. Perhaps you missed the recent...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | Golfer celebrating putt

When a loss is a big win

Golf can be a harsh game when you’re not playing well, you get injured, or you snatch defeat from the jaws of...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | PBs in line

PuttBANDIT Colours

Clear line of sight The ability of the eye to distinguish shapes and the details of objects at distance (visual...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | Heart shaped bunker

Why I love golf

Why on earth do we keep playing this game? I asked myself that question a lot during a very poor round of golf last...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | Signpost

Golf resolutions 2022

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, I don’t make many, let alone write them down and publish them. But...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | Winter golf blog from PuttBANDIT

Go and play winter golf

Historically in the winter, when the phone rings and those words ‘Fancy a round of golf today’ emanate from...

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PuttBANDIT | Visibly Better Putting | Swing at sunrise

Swing like a Lady

With the AIG Women’s Open and the Solheim Cup nearly upon us and more women and girls taking up the great game of...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | Golf course

From T71 to Claret Jug

What a difference a week can make when it comes to golfing performance. One week, you’re struggling - the next,...

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PuttBANDIT | Visibly Better Putting | Green banner

Open to learning?

It’s amazing what you can learn by just watching golfers play golf - live. Watching tournament highlights videos is...

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PuttBANDIT | Visibly Better Putting | Golfer

Scrambling a recovery

When you hit a poor shot and the ball ends up somewhere less than ideal, how well do you recover to make a nett...

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PuttBANDIT | Visibly Better Putting | Camera and tripod

How big are your greens?

I’m not talking about the size of your vegetables but those patches of turf we spend our days trying to hit in...

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