External view of Topgolf building in Glasgow

A new range of golf tech

The winter weather has not been kind to UK golfers – again. Courses are closed the length of these Isles. So what...

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Six 2023 new season golf drivers

Is a new driver worth it?

Drive for show – putt for dough. Is Bobby Locke’s famous observation on golf really true? And does that explain why...

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A hole in one – almost

Have you ever got a hole in one? A few weeks ago, I came within 2 inches of paying for a very expensive round of...

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PuttBANDIT | Golf Ball Marker | Golfers shaking hands

How to break 36 putts

How many putts per round (PPR) do you take?  Less than 36? And do you record your putting stats? Using a PuttBANDIT...

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PuttBANDIT | Golf Ball Marker | Golden leaves and autumn golfers

Autumn golf pros and cons

There’s no denying that autumn has arrived. There’s a chill in the air, golden leaves are falling in the wind and...

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Golf Ball Marker | PuttBANDIT | PGA Tour Store Palo Alto

Time for a big shop?

Imagine you’re at your local out-of-town retail park. All the usual brands are there selling DIY goods,...

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Golf Ball Marker | PuttBANDIT | Pebble Beach Monterey

Lunch at Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach Golf Links is one of those iconic coastline courses that many keen golfers will recognise without ever...

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PuttBANDIT | Golf ball marker | Golf ball on tee

LIV and let live?

The new and controversial LIV Golf tour tee’d off this month in London with the second tournament event staring...

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PuttBANDIT | Golf ball marker | Pond and palm trees

On tour in Tenerife

Image: Golf Las AmericasThis month I was lucky enough to compete on tour in Tenerife. Perhaps you missed the recent...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | Golfer celebrating putt

When a loss is a big win

Golf can be a harsh game when you’re not playing well, you get injured, or you snatch defeat from the jaws of...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | PBs in line

PuttBANDIT Colours

Clear line of sight The ability of the eye to distinguish shapes and the details of objects at distance (visual...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | Heart shaped bunker

Why I love golf

Why on earth do we keep playing this game? I asked myself that question a lot during a very poor round of golf last...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | Signpost

Golf resolutions 2022

When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, I don’t make many, let alone write them down and publish them. But...

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PuttBANDIT | Putting Marker | Winter golf blog from PuttBANDIT

Go and play winter golf

Historically in the winter, when the phone rings and those words ‘Fancy a round of golf today’ emanate from...

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PuttBANDIT | Visibly Better Putting | Swing at sunrise

Swing like a Lady

With the AIG Women’s Open and the Solheim Cup nearly upon us and more women and girls taking up the great game of...

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