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A hole in one – almost

Have you ever got a hole in one? A few weeks ago, I came within 2 inches of paying for a very expensive round of drinks from 121 yards off the 14th tee at the Portal Championship course in Cheshire. Unfortunately, an 'almost hole in one' doesn’t count. At least the...

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Sinking a putt on golf green

How I fixed my yips – Episode #3

A spell of the putting yips was wrecking my confidence on the course.  No matter how hard I tried to sink short putts, they would find a way to avoid the hole. Something odd was going on. I’m usually a decent putter so how can I suddenly lose the ability to sink...

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PuttBANDIT | Golf Ball Marker | Golfers shaking hands

How to break 36 putts

How many putts per round (PPR) do you take?  Less than 36? And do you record your putting stats? Using a PuttBANDIT ball marker has helped me to regularly get below 36 putts per round. But how many putts should we be taking based on our handicaps? Definitions...

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