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PuttBANDIT Team Europe and Team USA golf ball markers with the Colosseum and Rome background

PuttBANDIT LP Flag markers

The Solheim and Ryder Cups are just days away and we’ve marked these two classic international golfing battles with the launch of a special collection of PuttBANDIT souvenir Team Europe and Team USA markers.Captain’s top six picks And then we thought, why stop...

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A senior golfer lying on a golf green to judge the slope

UK Putting Survey

Have you ever wondered if your biggest putting issues are the same for all amateur golfers or is it just you? Does everyone miss short? And what makes those single handicap golfers so good at sinking putts and avoiding 3-putting? What do really good putters do that...

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Four golfers pointing north, south, east and west on top of a hill

Three peaks golf challenge – We did that

This morning I fired up YouTube, looking for fresh weekend golfing content and a video thumbnail from Peter Finch caught my eye and stopped me mid bacon sandwich. The title of the video was: SURVIVING the UK’s 3 HIGHEST golf courses in 24 hours!?Image: Peter Finch...

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